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Hey Fellas!
OUr forum, so why not have a contest for us guys, away from the ladies?

So, i am offering you the chance to win the Male Jelousaber (500 might). All you have to do, in no more than 1000 characters, tell me your favourite female character on the game.
Explain to me, why, do you like their super power, or is it the dress code?

You have until the 30th!

Good Luck!

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Wow, our own contest!

Jenny Law
Super Power: Clean House

Need I Say more ;) A blonde with strong legs whose super power is "Clean House". Consider this competition won.

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normally I would agree with you Rich, but consider this one.

Sassy Jungle Kitty

First of all, she literally is a wild one, being from the jungle, with a wild superpower to match- Jungle Rave.
She has the ability to temporarily morph into several wild creatures, imagine the possibilities there lol.
Plus she's got great hair and very good skin, and that outfit is pretty hard to match.

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Tricky Kicky Chick, A sports girl. Gotta be funny losing to a girl in football :) And she looks pretty ;)

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Sassy Jungle Kitty

She's one fierce, strong sexay girl, if she is one, and not a real tiger =P.

Don't wanna be makin her angry, coz she'll use her Jungle Rave =)

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I think they all bring somethign to the's hard to choose.
Bad Karma Henchling is just an enigmas wrapped in a riddle wrapped in some hypercolor throwback gear.
I'd be weary of crossing the Lethal Superfly Lady, as her stealthiness and ninja ways can sneak up on you at anytime.
Striking Viking vixen and her pounder arms and rip tide are just scary. Scary like some of the european women's olypic teams.
But for me I think it's a toss up between LA Derby Doll and Lunar Moonbeam Princess. I mean with derby, who doesn't love a bad mammajamma (complete with tattoos and plenty of tenacity) but a heart of gold and no nonsene attitude - the short skirt doesn't hurt either... And of course, Moonbeam is the kind of girl you can take home to meet the parents, but isn't afraid to "Space Out" with you later on. And she's smart. too smart to try to outwit.

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It's got to be Tricky Kicky Chick. She's strong, speedy, and sexy. She has probably the most powerful superpower in the game in multiplicity. She can gang up on anybody.

I love the blonde hair, too. It's so amazing.

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I'm with dragon here lads!

Sassy jungle kitty. - what a name!
A sexy, good looking woman, who dresses up well!
She's very sassy, and fierce!
One bad point - don't let her rave at you I guess!

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Lunar Moonbeam Princess- She was made for royalty!

She's rich, pretty, famous, and is always up on fashion!

But trust me you don't want to get on her bad side.

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Nice entries so far!
Keep them coming!


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Henchling!!!!!! creepy just like some women out there!!! LOL

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Who won this thing, scoop?

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Glad you reminded me TheThing, Urbrey_Porter had me working my butt off as usual!

The Winner is t_Squared, congratulations, ill put the Jelousaber in my trades for you.

And for a prize for second place goes to Armand_Hammer, nice descriptions! There is a 10+sp tp in my trades for you!

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Beaches be crazy, I obviously won this.

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thanks scoop, sorry i been away
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