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A place for men to be men talk chillax and bs around so chillax grab a ice cold drink and hangout for a while.

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There already is a bar here

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*Wanders in through the front door, stops, and takes a lazy look around the place letting his eyes adjust to the dimly lit interior*

Hmmm... Don't think I've ever been here before...

*Walks towards the bar, leans with his back against the bar and looks around at the pool table, dart boards, and juke box*

I'll have a Newcastle and a shot of Sauza.

*Wonders why the place is empty and turns back towards the bar*

Hey! Where's the bartender? I think I might be in heaven!

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oh yeah the bar tender is right here

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*grins wickedly*
Hey bartender ;^)

Got any tequila back there? I'm achin' for a body shot...

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ohh she,s got some

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-ManDude's sucka,Flap,flys in behinde counter,takes some melted ice (VERY hard to carry so props to Flap) and leaves-

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*walks in and looks around*

"Wait- this is not Moe's pub?"

*walks out*

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18K props, 4K posts

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*wakes up from a tequilla slumber*

I'm not a picky man Homer, EEERRRRRRPPPPP!!!

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I am trying to be the new editor and I need everyones help!Go here please:

And vote for me please

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Hey, did a politician just come in here???

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no it sure din,t and i ain,t paying for your health care i onle give out free beer

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*throws brick at tunsa*

If you can break that brick without using your arms,hands,legs and feet,I'll use bull's money to pay for your health care.

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*brick bounces off of Tunsa's head*
*lifts his head groggily from his nap on the bar*
Can I get a tequilla?
*stares wearily at the broken brick laying on the floor*
Where'd that thing come from?

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welll my money is at area51

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*looks around*

*whispers to bull*

I have clearance there...

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*moonwalks into bar*

*walks around*
this place looks good.!

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It is!

*throws a brik at gangsta's head*

If you can break that without using any of your limbs-excluding your head-what so ever I'll pay for your drinks.

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*falls off his stool. stumbles to his feet, and trips over his high shoes*


*gets back up and weaves his way towards the bar swaying back and forth*

Tequilla and a shot of tequlla, hic.


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*pulls TTG away from counter*

Thats enough for you. Your liver must look like camo!

*gets him to a table and gives him 3 cups of black coffe*

*makes him run*

*slaps him many times*

Sober yet?

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*shakes his head back and forth quickly and makes a sound like a mack truck trying to start*

I feel strange... 8^0

*looks down at empty coffee cup*

Who put this here?!?!


HEY! I'm sober!!!!!!!

*spies the bartender*

Hey Lucy! Can I get some shooters over here? I think I have a lot of catching up to do!

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Lucy? I've never heard of a bartender named lucy.. Is she hot?
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