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We want people to come and play on Urbaniacs. Link to us through myspace, facebook, or your own website or blog. We've got widgets, banners, and we're guaranteed to add some funk to your life. Thanks for helping us spread the love.

Urb ON!


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i'll add things right away!

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I have been putting links up on some sites & directories to get some good inbound link popularity.
One issue though, with directory submissions, they like to have "[email protected]" email address to confirm the submission. Is this a possibility Mayor?
This way I can work my SEO mojo and get the site rocking better?
The next Google update should really help out.

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Yes Mayor. What comes around does go around and I'm back. Dont 4get our battle 2morrow

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My friend needs your votes:

That is his page and you can vote for him by clicking on the 5th star (the last one to your right) at the bottom of the page, where it says "Rate this Portfolio:".

Thank you very much for the help!

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New contest:

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Is there any other links or banners to add?

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banner posted as signature.

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Rap battle has started, participate for a chance to win tons of urbos and the home boy throphy, and hopefully a couple of tps..

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Reminding you again about the rap battle contest~!

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this is like a hippo thing

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True that, what goes around comes around. I am all into Karma Biotches

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Karma happens to hit Spam Bots hard.

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from your lips to gods ear

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esure or live the life of sweet luxury... :)
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