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Finally we have a place to discuss our favorite subjects without some blabbing babe coming in and ruining it. Took a long time but now we have it.

*slams a beer and smashes can on forehead*

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*walkes* into the club and goes to the stage. Nice outfit isn't it?

oh, hey all, noooo I'm not here to dance the dance you'd like to see. Well who know when an occasion might call for it but not now.

But um, I do have a dance to do with dersarend and it include a mighty riptide.

Let him know I'm looking for him.

*walks* back out. *slamming* the door.

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Ha ha ha ha. I wouldn't want to be Dersa.

*Get's up and walks with summers out the door*

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That can't be good...

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*walks in and sits on couch*

just saw summz and soul leaving..

*gets beer from cooler8

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*looks at fellas*
DAM! What's her problem?! see, that's why we can't let these ladies in. I'm just tryin' to enjoy a breezer when all of the sudden some nasty mouth come 'round and start slammin' doors!

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Still wondering what Soul did to Summer...

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All I did was help summers open her eyes to reality. She faced the part of herself that most people keep hidden locked away deep inside. As she released the evil, I welcomed her with open arms. Besides she is so awesome and hot that standing by her makes me look better.

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Soul lol! that was PERFECT lol

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Dude, U ALMOST sound smart ;)

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Whats up people?

*Goes to the bar for drink*

Where is everyone?

*Looks around*

Well time to get this place up and pumping!

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SAM, these thread is for boys only.. are you a boy? then dont post here..

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WHOA, I totally forgot about this place!

*scratches a manly scratch and belchs and rips one*

oh yeah a place to it all hand out and *flops down on a recliner with a beer fridge next to it.*

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*walks in and finds a wiskey bottle*
hmm.. nice poles, anyone use em?
*swigs rest of wiskey, ties hair in ponytail and cleans up*

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*sits down and guzzels a beer*
well i geuss ill be going, unless anybody objects

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they get used every now and then. it's always on the down low.

*chuggz a couple beers and looks around*

man, this looks really great. nice job.

*pops a top on a bottle of whiskey and takes a swig*

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ive got an idea....
*brings in 2 horses and ties then to the poles*
perfect!!! anybody got a brush for ellas tail?
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